Help needed for Meter choice

Hi everyone,

I bought an apartment a bit ago and am trying to get some idea of the energy usage. I thought I could user the P1 port on the switch box to measure, but it looks like my box is too old for that.

Anyone have an idea what I can use to track with a switch box like this?

Thanks in advance!

The P1 port would be on the street meter (the main entry point from your provider), not in the fuse box.

I have an antiquated one, and I use “AI on the edge” to read values from the meter with ok results (I have a tricky setup, so results are not as good as they could be).

You could also use clamp style sensors that are fairly universal, they have them in all the protocols these days.

Unfortunately, those clamps need to be hooked to a single phase, and at least in Belgium, we don’t have access to individual phases (or at least, I never managed to :wink: )

I know there are some products that can read the meter itself, some read the spinning wheel if you have it and others the digital reading. I’ve never tried those but I know there are a lot of people who use them.

Thanks for the tips everyone, appreciate it and sorry for the late reply.
So after doing some research … I don’t have a meter in my house. :melting_face:
I will have to ask management on that one. That’s something that surprised me but i guess not everything’s the same when you move to a different country.
If I have to go with clamps, where could I attach them to? My box doesn’t have any obvious cables coming out of it.

Not sure by what magic your energy will be billed if you don’t have a meter :wink:

That’s pretty typical for apartments (at least in the US). Usually all the meters are somewhere central in the building.

They would be inside the breaker box in your apartment. You certainly don’t need to be an electrician to install them, but the fact that you don’t already know that means it would probably be wise to have someone more knowledge install anything. You don’t want to make a mistake with mains voltage. :slight_smile:

Oh, sure. The meter might (and will likely not) be inside the apartment.