Help needed getting ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo on Portainer working

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Hi Guys,

last week i stumbled upon ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo but I cannot get it working, because I really do not understand how AND where to add the config.json-file. Everyone is talking about a working directory but no documentation says how to identify or where to find it.
I also read the Instruction (duh) but it does not help me alot.

“If you are running in docker, map the configuration file to /app/config.json .”

but it does not help me a lot, because even after hours of reading docker documentations I still do not have a clue what the hell to do.

To my build: I have a Pi4 with the Pi-Image on it.
I know how to Start and acces the Portainer-Add-On and run the ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo “vanilla” image.

To me:I have some experience with HA, but not too much
I am a Docker/Portainer Noob, i’m sorry for such a dumb question but i really do not get it.

Your best friend is the “docker-compose” command.

See for an example of a docker-compose.yaml example for ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo

Create the file in the git clone directory and launch your container with docker-compose up --build -d.

Hi Chris,

I’m not very familiar with cloning a directory and launching my container with it.
Your Link does not tell me anything at all because like I said, I am a very beginner with Portainer…
…thanks for the effort anyway.

Not too difficult:

git clone
cd ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo

Create a docker-compose.yml file with the content:

version: '2'
          context: ./ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo/
          dockerfile: Dockerfile
        container_name: "ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo"
        restart: always
            - /opt/dockerized/ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo/config.json:/app/config.json

(change /opt/dockerized/ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo/config.json with the path to your config)

docker-compose up --build -d

Now, if you’re using, I’ve actually no clue on how to do the equivalent…

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Hey koying,

thanks for the effort anyway.

I just opened an Issue on Github. Maybe someone can help me there.
I’ll keep you updated when I get it working…

Found Add-Ons which looks promising btw: