Help needed! HassIO no longer starts

I have hassio running on docker on ubuntu server. Everything was fine until today when I arrived home and I got no response from HA. I did no changes to HA and yesterday everything was fine.
I have a backup on my google drive from yesterday also.

Tried to reinstall by doing curl -sL “” | bash -s but I get bash: line 135: /etc/hassio.json: Permission denied

What should I do?

Did you check the logs?

Noob question… How do I do that without web gui?

you said you are running on Ubuntu right? So you have full access to the HA config folder where the log is.
and if you don’t know that you probably should not be using this installation method…

Checked the gigantic log. Can’t see anything obvious.

Trial and error: it seems it was trakt integration who was responsible for this! Solved.