Help Needed - Smarthings Intergration


I am new to Home Assistant ( just plugged in on raspberry so have the base level setup)

I want to integrate to my Smarthings platform but I find the instructions confusing. I have created the PAT token (easy bit) but I dont understand the webhook bit and I cannot find any way in HA to update the configuration for Smarthings as the instructions suggest.

Every time i try I get “Home Assistant is not configured correctly to receive updates from SmartThings. The webhook URL is invalid:”

But I cannot find any way to change this … Help please ?

Thanks Andy

I could never get a webhook to work around my odd set-up. (I have a cable-modem which is then singly attached to a SmartThings WiFi hub. The WiFi hub creates the local network that is used throughout my home, but regardless of port-forwarding and other settings on both modem and hub, I can’t see my network from the outside, which is needed for the web hook to work.)
I ended up using Nabu Casa which works flawlessly. I can recommend that “solution,” but if you want something that doesn’t have a subscription fee, you’ll have to look to other folks.

Thank you Russell , I had tried that but it didnt work as there were two entries in the smartthings api tokens. Deleted both and started again and got it working .