Help needed to choose the right Intel NUC

I want to switch to a Intel NUC. The raspi is Not capable of handling frigate. The System is laggy.

I have the ability to buy a used NUC with i3 6100U. Or a new with Pentium Silver J5005.
The CPU seems to have the same performance. The new one costs 200€, the used one 100€.

Which one shoud I choose? I am not sure if I get some negative aspects on a old i3 compared to a new Pentium.

I have a used i3 4130T Lenovo M93 and it works very well running the Home Assistant OS with 14 Add-ons.

Generally sits around 6% CPU usage and jumps up to about 60% when my single Frigate camera detects motion.

Plan is to (one day) get a Google Coral USB stick so I can add more cameras to Frigate.