Help needed to turn on a Leviton WiFi plug when Nest starts heating

Sorry, I put this in the wrong location.

I am trying to make an automation that when my Nest thermostat turns on it will start a fan. I have the nest connect and I have edited the yaml and the leviton plug shows up as an entity ( as a light, but that should not matter?). I have made an automation that sends a notification to my iPhone when the Nest turns on or off, but I can’t figure out how to make it flip the outlet on or off. I can trigger the outlet manually from the entities page.
I feel like I’m missing something simple, like turning the entity into a device?

Got it figured it.
I needed to add a call to action to TURN LIGHT off/ on.

Would you mind sharing how you did that as simply as possible plz and thanks?

I need to automate a kasa smart plug (hvac in line fan plugged into that) turning on somehow when The nest (air conditioning) turns and when the nest (fan only on ac) turns on
How can I accomplish this?
I did see IFTTT had an applet with nest fan/wemo plug but not for mine…here it is Connect your Google Nest to your WeMo Smart Plug and turn on your

But it tells me there’s gotta be a script or coder some way to do it. I just need it in simple language

plz and thanks