Help needed w/ Nest Thermostat + Automations

I’m migrating over from a Smartthings + WebCore setup to HA Core in a docker container on my NAS … I’ve got most everything working the way it should. However, I’ve run into a very odd issue with setting up automations and Nest.

I want to set the mode and temp using an automation. I’ve not been able to get this to work as a single command in either the Dev Tools or via the yaml config. I tried:

  - id: hvac_temp
    alias: "HVAC Temp"
      platform: time
      at: '21:45:00'
      - service: climate.set_temperature
          entity_id: climate.upstairs
          temperature: 70
          hvac_mode: heat

However, nothing happens when I trigger the actions tied to the automation. Same effect if I set it up in the services panel of Dev Tools. The logs set to debug mode aren’t very useful, as it doesn’t look like there is ever a call made to the Google APIs.

If I separate this into two actions (the first to switch the mode to heat, the second to set the temp), it works. However, it doesn’t seem like that should be necessary. I’d love to learn what I’m doing wrong here…

You are right, I think this is just a missing feature. I implemented this following Climate Entity | Home Assistant Developer Docs which does not say what parameters are accepted, however i see hvac_mode is documented on the user facing site.
Climate - Home Assistant

If you file a github issue i can get this fixed, but in the mean time run it as two separate actions.