Help needed with a GPIO connection

Hi all,

I purchased one of these and connected it all up to a RPi 3 and got it working as described. I thought this might be a solution to my continuing Home Assistant Doorbell quest.

However, I’ve tried to transfer it over to one of my HA RPis but I can’t figure out how to make it work. I’ve tried

- platform: rpi_gpio
27: Doorbell

(Note - it is correctly formatted in configuration.yaml in case it comes out wonky here! Edit: Yes, it’s come out wonky here. Definitely correct in the config - formatting isn’t the problem!)

- platform: rpi_gpio
27: Doorbell

I’ve also tried the 4 permutations of invert_logic and pull_mode and randomly adjusting (I have no point of reference) bouncetime but I get the same thing every time and that is a switch/binary sensor that is rapidly switching between on and off.

I’ve connected things to GPIOs before but not with HA. As I mentioned this kit works as described in the manual - I didn’t need to add any resistors.

Any suggestions on things I can try to get this working with Home Assistant?



Are you having an issue with getting the RF receiver connected, or with an automation? Here’s an example of what I used for my RF receiver on my RPi, adopted somewhat for your instance. Since I don’t know how your doorbell sends it’s signals, you’ll need to sniff that out with or another similar RF sniffing tool.

platform: rpi_rf
gpio: 27
    code_off: 12345678
    code_on: 87654321
    protocol: 2
    pulselength: 131
    signal_repetitions: 2

Use a tool like to sniff out what’s happening when you press the doorbell button, then update the code above. Since this is a switch, and the doorbell probably does not send out a second “I’m done” code, you may also need an automation that turns off the switch after x seconds of being on.

See the following video for more info on (start at 3:12 in the video):

Thank you - it seems that completely misunderstanding what the example code that came with the kit does led me to believe that the RF module is sending a binary signal. This pointed me in the right direction and I now have a working doorbell.

Thanks again


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