Help needed with a Pi Zero W Camera setup

Hello Folks, I am trying to setup a “Pi Zero W Cam” ,according to this video. In this video, the guy does NOT talk about adding the first Camera. But, when I access my Pi Zero, it wants me to add a Camera., and my setup, will not let me Did I miss something in the video???

I have watched several videos, and they all seem to display the camera’s video, as soon as the user logs in. Mine does not, mine just displays the following message, at the top os the screen, “You have not configured any camera yet. Click here to add one…” Can someone assist me???


I admit I have not watched the entire 50 minutes of that video, but I have flicked through it. As a result I amleft wondering what does this have to do with home assistant?

I suggest looking at the motion-eyeOS web page for their forums or support channels.

It’s a WiFi Facial Recognition Video Camera, Need I say MORE…

I’ll put it more simply, this is not the motioneye forum.