Help needed with crashed HA on USB

Recently I started using Home Assistant on RPI4. Made a lot of changes and installations.
I made a few backups of the device through the HA gui.

Somehow the USB where HA is installed on crashed. Searched on the internet for fixes but can’t repair the device. I have a bit of knowledge of corrupted file systems on linux and used every tool I know.

Nothing worked and the USB powers down after a minute. It then needs to be removed and put back into the computer.

I am able to see the partitions on the USB.

Is my USB completely dead? Any way I can fix this.

All backups do not contain the custom JS, CSS and other scripts I made. Other backups are not usable (long story, server died).

TLDR: USB with HA instalation failed. Need help with data recovery.
Partitions are visible, will not mount, powers down after minute.

Have you tried moving the USB drive to a computer to see if you can access it? If you are getting power issues on the USB you could also try plugging the drive into a powered USB hub and that hub in the the Pi to see if your power issue is resolved.

I agree with CO_4X4. You can use Disk Internals Linux Reader (free) to try to get your HA files from the disk using Windows.

Thank you for the reply. The fixes you are describing I already tried.
Different computers, linux and windows. Only thing I get is a hint from the command “lsblk” that there are partitions.

Knowing the system can at least find partitions I hope the data is still there.