Help needed with Multiple Choice Questions in Home Assistant and Data Object

Hey there,

im trying to get a Multiple Choice Interface into Home Assistant and would love to get some inputs from you more experienced users :slight_smile:
So far so good, i though about setting different input_numbers for each question and then using a “submit” button to save the choosen options to a sensor but the problem that arrises is if i try to set a “input_number” entity for the Questions all users simulatiously change this question entity - so one would need a “users"x"questions”-input_numbers to have different answers for different persons. The aim of my idea is to get an sensor with an object like:

{"data": {
"Code": "user1",
"question1": {{answer1}},
"question 2": {{answer2}},
"question n": {{answer(n)}}
"Code": "user2",
"question1": {{answer1}},
"question 2": {{answer2}},
"question n": {{answer(n)}}
} }

So what i can create is an object with a single user like the Markdown at the bottom shows.

Does anyone of you know how i can create something like this? Or do anyone know how to create a bunch of temporary input_numbers for different users so this could be used in an automation to populate a sensor.

im really looking forward for any hint or clue,