Help on a condition in an automation regarding bluetooth sensor from companion app

I’m trying to automate a gate opening depending on my entering a zone and my phone connected to specific bluetooth devices.
I use the guided automation builder. I chose:

  • the companion app bletooth sensor
  • the attribute: connected_paired_devices
  • I copied the string from the state defining the BT device I want to select
    HA always consider that condition false. Probably I wrote the statement in the wrong way.
    Can you help me?
    Below a picture from the trace of the automation.



connected_paired_devices is a list of bluetooth connections (even if you are only connected to one device), so you can’t just compare it to a specific bluetooth ID, you have to check to see if that bluetooth ID is in the list. Use a template condition instead, and your template would look something like:

{{ "FC:49:2D:04:22:97" in state_attr("sensor.alberto_edge_30_bluetooth_connection", "connected_paired_devices") }}

When using templates in automations, it’s a good idea to test them in the Developers Tools page to make sure they come back as true/false when you expect them to.

Thanks for your answer.- It works



Hey all, trying to follow this solution and I have a failure on the condition where it checks the connected_paird_devices. Can someone help me figure out what the problem might be?