Help on Building an Integration for Suavinex Humidifier

Hi Everyone,

So I have a Suavinex Smart Humidifier ( (sorry, it’s in Spanish) that currently works with Google Assistant (it also works with Alexa).

I would love to get this working with Home Assistant and being able to pull some automations on it, just to keep the kids room humidity leveled at all times.

So the Humidifier actually comes also with a Dimmable light (RGB) and temperature and humidity sensors.

To control the Humidifier, I can either use Google Assistant/Home or use the app from the manufacturer (

Is there anyone that could give me some hints on how to build a Custom Component and find on the app (maybe reverse engineering) the parameters needed to get the data from the humidifier and get it up and running on HA?

I have contacted the company (they’re based in Spain) but they were not of much help.


I’m about to buy one of these too and would like to integrate it into my HA.

Once I have it I will have a look and see if I can figure anything out.

Great. Let me know if I can be of any help.

I am lacking the time to try to figure this out by myself, but I will be able to help.



Have you been able to have a look at this?

Hi mate.
I haven’t for round to it. I contacted Suavinex but I didn’t get a reply (surprise surprise).


I did contact them back in November last year and this is what I got back:

De momento HOME ASSISTANT no está soportado y no se prevé que pueda hacerse en el corto plazo.
Mis compañeros de desarrollo de producto agradecen tu sugerencia y se toman nota para valorarlo e intentar implantarlo próximamente.

Looks like we need to figure a different way.