Help on Skyconnect and Hub-Z, replacing sticks, Odroid N2+

So, hopefully someone has done something similar.

I have HA running on a Odroid N2+, and have a Hub-z zwave+zigbee stick. Whole system works well as configured. All updates kept up with. Backup regularly, and running Zwave JS.

I have ordered a Skyconnect, and also a Zooz 800 zwave stick, just in case.
Would it be better/possiblle to just add the Skyconnect to the system, or replace both sticks? The N2 has 2 USB ports. Right now, only 1 occupied. I wonder about the zigbee part of the Hubz then.

Can I actually add the skyconnect and migrate the radio, and still keep the hubz for zwave? Would something need disabling on the hubz, and if so, how?
I have about 5 things zwave, and 40 zigbee devices. Not scared to wake all up, just be a PITA to do so.


If you migrate the zigbee side of the hubz, the new stick will be assigned the same ieee address as the hubz. You will need to flash the zigbee side of the hubz to change the hubz ieee address so it no longer matches. Otherwise, the two sticks cannot be powered at the same time, even if the zigbee side of the hubz is not actively in use.

Theoretically the Universal SILabs Flasher should work to change the ieee address, but I haven’t tested, having moved on from the hubz 2+ years ago.

Yes, I had read about that, the ieee possible problem. I was thinking it would be best to just add the 2 new sticks to cover the Zwave and zigbee.

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And just to clarify, I had forgotten, the N2+ has 4 usb 3.0 ports, to keep the record straight :slight_smile:

So, transferred everything over. It turned out to be a little journey. Think I posted a walkthrough somewhere else. Just had to re-add all zwave stuff, and had to exclude switches off of new Zooz stick, after unplugging old stick. Zigbee retained everything. I did have to go activate everything again to get things re-read. And man o man is my signal stronger on almost everything. RSSI signal anyway.