Help Orange pi PC + home assistan

Hi everyone

I´m new in the forum and in this part of this technological world. I´ve tried to install home assistant in a interminable variety forms in the orange pi PC PLUS but always it has been wrong.

¿somebody could say me where can i find a tutorial that help me to install home assistant and works in an orange pi PC plus plattform???

Thanks a lot 4 your answer

Have you tried installing Armbian and HA Core or Container?

Would be pretty straight forward.

yes, i tried install that, install raspi content directly and install doker first and nothings works for me :sob:

You don’t install “Raspi content” on an Orange Pi. Install the Armbian image from here.

I did this years ago when testing Home Assistant. Installed (what is now called Home Assistant Core) on an OrangePi Zero under Armbian.

Should be the same for all OrangePi running Armbian.