Help Pairing Ikea Zigbee Devices

Hey All!

I think I’m close to losing my mind :frowning:

In Home Assistant I’m using a Sonoff Zigbee Dongle 3.0 Plus (with the stock co ordinator firmware) and ZHA integration.

I’ve managed to move a couple of my Samsung and Sonoff sensors over to it, no issues at all. However, I just bought a ton of zigbee devices from Ikea switches from Ikea, and I’m having the same problem with all of them.

I can discover the device OK and it completes the interview, seems to recognise the device OK, but once its added, its just showing as “unavailable”. I guess maybe firmware could be an issues on the dongle… I’ve tried searching the forums for some clear advice but it’s a bit of a rabbit hole with no clear advice to be found.

I was hoping I could get a steer in the right direction as I’m about to go insane! Feels like it should be something obvious but I just can’t see it!

Thanks in advance for saving my sanity - Jay.

Short update - I’ve managed to update the firmware on the Sonoff dongle to the latest Koen release, but the problem hasn’t changed at all… I’m still lost!

I realise I’m talking to myself here, but I’ve switched to zigbee2MQTT and managed to pair the first of these switches.

In case anyone else has issues, hope this dead thread helps! Also, seems you need to try adding multiple times for it to finally pick up the details from the interview :wink:

Yes, the Ikea devices can be challenging at times.

I use mine with zigbee2mqtt.

They will connect and work great, something happens and they’ll not work for days, then wake up and be happy again.