Help picking the best channel for Zigbee (HUSZB-1)

So I have the following router/hub devices that can interfere with Zigbee:

  • Access Point 1 on channel 6
  • Access Point 2 on channel 11
  • Hue Hub on channel 20
  • Huszb-1 on channel 15 (default)

I am trying to improve my Zigbee mesh and I am considering changing the channel on my HUSZB-1 from the default 15 channel and I want to make sure I get it right. Based on this article, my current setup is causing interference due to the Zigbee channel being on 15 and Access Point 1 being on 6. I also assume the Hue hub is not helping either.

My plan is to keep the access points on their channel 6 and 11 and moving the HUSZB-1 channel to 11 and getting rid of the Hue hub and pairing the bulbs I currently have on it to the HUSZB-1.

Makes sense?

I don’t recall why I haven’t gotten rid of the Hue hub yet but I do believe I had a reason in the past but I can’t see keeping it any longer. My current Hue items are 3 Lightstrips, two color bulbs and a dimmer which I assume are all Home Assistant compatible via the HUSZB-1.

Thank you.

Here you go…

With those requirements something between 23-25. (26 can be problematic for some devices

But won’t that interfere with WiFi channel 11? Unless I am looking at this graph wrong?

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Wait sorry misread as 6.

For 11. 17-19 are really your only choice as both the inner lobe of 11 and the outer lobe of one almost touch each other. (this is why I chose not to do this in my personal install.)

15, 20 or 25

Try them all out and see which provides the best signal

But I do have another access point on channel 6 so your recommendation will also clash? Are I better off staying on 15?

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Honestly the rule I use - if its working dont move it… BUT

Dont read on a phone.
Ok so lets break this down again - not on a phone.

That’s the green graph - so definitely NOT 16-19, and preferably not 13-22, 11/12/25/26 are free, but we remove 26…

Gold is out - Definitely not 21-24, and preferably not 18-26) 20 is relatively available - but

We can ignore where it is, and that leaves 11 and 12, I’d do 11.

BUT only if you’re actually having trouble. Channel changes can be problematic for some devices. Keep usb3 hubs, Bluetooth fobs, and USB3 HDDs away and use your extension cable.

I need more coffee :slight_smile:


Indeed, it is much more important to connect the Zigbee Coordinator radio adapter via long USB extension cable to a USB 2.0 port (not a USB 3.x port) to get it away from any sources of EMF/EMI/RMI interference in the same freqency range, (especially USB 3.x devices/adapters/cables and WiFi access-points/routers close to the devices are infamous for interfering with Zigbee radios), as well as very important to add more known good Zigbee Router devices in order to build out your Zigbee network mesh (e.i. add many mains-powered Zigbee devices that are always on, usually the more the better).

Recommend reading and follow this → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

It as well among other things link to →

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I have mostly bulbs that act as routers, I also have several outlets that also route. I get many network congestion errors and always have bulbs falling off. I switched from 20 to “auto” which made it 25 and still says 95% usage after a restart. I switched to channel 26, and same, 95% usage. I expected 26 to be clear per all the docs I read but I guess not? Plus side all my 80 odd devices handle channel switching very well minus 5 cheapo ali express humidity sensors.

From the metageek wifi coexist article:

“ZigBee channel 26 is usually relatively unaffected by Wi-Fi, but many ZigBee devices do not support it.”

TL;DR Don’t use 26 unless you don’t have an alternative.