Help please, "AI-on-the-edge" Gas Meter not detected by HA?

Hi, I’m trying to get an ESP32-CAM AI-on-the-edge connected to HA, to read my Gas meter. Trouble is, I cannot get HA to discover it.

Can anyone help?

I have a working HA installation, at latest version with a working MQTT add-on that is in operation. Using the mosquitto broker addon. I have the HA MQTT integration setup, and discovery is enabled.

Today I have setup and configured an ESP32-CAM device running AI-on-the-edge, and have it running and working without issues (personal details hidden).

I added the mqtt details to my AI-on-the-edge device, and have rebooted it a few times, checked the AI device logs and can see nothing about MQTT. I checked the MQTT server, and I can see it connected.

I have also used MQTT Explorer to monitor any activity and see nothing related to the AI-on-the-edge device.

After all of this, HA has not picked up the AI-on-the-sdge device, and is not added it.

Here is my configuration:

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Mine is set up almost exactly the same way your is - and it works fine.
The only difference is that I’m not using a ClientID; not sure, though, if that would make a difference.

And - just for reference - this is what I see in the MQTTExplorer add-on:

Well, after much scratching of head and looking everywhere for what could be wrong, it looks like I am again my own worst enemy. :sweat_smile:

So apparently I forgot to add the “aigasmeter” user to the accesscontrollist file, to give it write permissions to the MQTT server.

So it was connecting, and could read but write nothing.

Fixing that, everything popped up pretty quick.

It was all setup correct to begin with, hope this helps someone.

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Haha, had exactly the same problem. Thanks for sharing @plonka2000 :slight_smile: