Help Please! Gosund SW2 on Tasmota

I have loaded the Template and Script from

However it’s not working, the front touch panel doesn’t respond and when using the Tasmota UI it will show the light as “on” but there is not relay click and the “red” out line has no power.

Hi, I was watching to see if. There was any response to this…I brought some of these switches last month and was wreaking my brain and deep in forums trying to get these working. I am experiencing the same issues you are, I was able to get the light to do different things by experimenting with the “off” value in the script…but the behavior was still very wonky.

Eventually I broke down and just install the other 3 of 4 in the walls and just use them via the tuya app. It’s a pain because the HA does not get dimmer info from tuya so it’s just a switch I can toggle on and off. It is however a dimmer on Google home so I can use Google and the physical slide to adjust the brightness (which sucks)… hopefully someone a lot smarter than we are comes up with a fix…

I ended up sending them back and getting Martin Jerry’s. So much easier to both flash and use.

So I’m also running into this issue. I’m currently trying to debug and figure out what is wrong. For reference this Gosund SW2 is version 4.0 manufactured in April 2021. It contains an ESP8266EX and I was able to successfully flash it with Tasmota (scripting).

I followed the template and scripting steps listed here: Gosund SW2 Dimmer Template for Tasmota

This template and script did not work.

I later found this template:

Gosund SW2                   {"NAME":"Gosund Dimmer","GPIO":[1,3200,1,3232,32,0,1,1,320,576,416,1,1,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

Here: Tasmota/ at 4173340c6a5648c30a05f916b82c0f70e242de0e · arendst/Tasmota · GitHub

Which was updated for Tasmota version 9, but it also didn’t work.

I suspect that the GPIO mapping has changed or something related to the commands in the script but since I only started getting into this I don’t know how to troubleshoot the issue yet.

One interesting note here: I own a total of 9 Gosund switches. My original set was able to be done using Tuya-Convert, but the newest 4 cannot. The interesting part though is that the newer set shows up in Tuya as a Dimmer rather than a Light Switch. I’m not sure if that’s related to the issue here or if it’s just coincidence.

Thinking that it was an issue with the switch I flashed a second one and both have the same issue.

Tasmota loads properly and is configurable but the switch doesn’t work. It won’t trigger the relay, nor will it properly light dimmer lights on the front. If there is someone willing to help direct me to resources for better understanding how to figure out which gpio maps to what or how to debug the Tasmota script I don’t mind doing the leg work.