Help please; I can't seem to add this add-on


I want to use the Network UPS Tools add-on

I see it here in Github and it appears to be part of the official add-ons as instructions say to use this:

But within Hassio I can’t seem to find it to add it. I am fairly new to this, so I am sorry if this is a simple question.

I know once the server is installed, I then need to add the sensor add-on too.


This is normal because that add-on has not been released yet (
You can see the list of available add-ons in the README:


Is there anyway to install it other then waiting until some future release date? It seems documented and hasn’t been updated for a few months. Or should i be using some other version of Home Assistant that has more add-ons available?


You should wait.

but you could if you really needed clone the repo and do a local build of it (not recomended if you do not know what you are doing)

since it’s been a while since the last update in that repo the local build will most likely fail.



I guess i will stick with APC add on for now and use SSH - having other issues with that, so will start a new question.