HELP PLEASE! recover working configuration.yaml

Hi guys,

Is there a way to recover the currnet working configuration.yaml?

I accidentaly left my keyboard on my desk and my kid played with it… I didnt noticed the change and saved the file…
Right now the server works, but in the next reset all will be lost!!!

The current running config is the only way to recover my work.



There is no way that I’m aware of.

This is why we keep backups and have version control.

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Oh god…

I copied the entity list, that might help rebuiled the file from the original one… but I am devastated.
I worked so hard on the system till all worked so well… that might be a good feature request…

Snapshots are already built into HASSIO.

But there are a number of ways to handle this, all of which are covered in detail in the forums.

Personally I have a multi step approach.

I have Syncthing with version control turned on, syncing my config with my desktop/laptop/NAS. I also use git and push my configs to my private repo in BitBucket.

How do I turn on version control?

I dont use HASSIO, i run it on my home mac…

you have to install/use something that does version control.

git, syncthing, dropbox, etc

If you’re on a Mac you have more options for backups, including the ones built in to OSX already (like Time Machine).

Personally, I use rsnapshot and rclone to give me backups on my network, and on the cloud. Having backups held on another system is good practice :wink:

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Closed the editor too?
Maybe some undo options?

Thanks guys for the help…

My plan for now is to start building a new file slowly. one entity at a time and once I think its done I will copy the content to the server and restart the service.

I think I’ll use Automator to copy the content of the HA directory to my Box/Dropbox folder and there it will be saved and archived.

Agian’ thanks a lot… It is a good lesson. Maybe it’s also a good time for moving HA to its own home on a RP…

Just an update… I configured an automatic dropbox update to all YAML files by create symlinks to the files in a specific on dropbox.
Now everytime I save the files they are backed up to the cloud with versioning (built in feature in dropbox).

So, at least something good came out of it.