Help please with > automation - Check: automation->action->0->mode. (See ?, line ?)

hello everyone,
today i modified one automation, just time and i started to see this error in logs

Check: automation->action->0->mode. (See ?, line ?). 

my automation.yaml file in config folder is empty, i use it only if need to configure automation using front end
my automation.yaml is actually located in config > integrations > automation.yaml
content of automation.yaml is

automation: !include ../automations.yaml
automation split: !include_dir_list ../automations

my automation files are located in config/automations then i have various subfolders for areas. Thats how i organize my automations

my configuration.yaml is containing this entry:
packages: !include_dir_named integrations

any idea what is causing this error:

2021-01-29 09:33:18 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Invalid config for [automation]: [mode] is an invalid option for [automation]. Check: automation->action->0->mode. (See ?, line ?).

Any idea what i am doing wrong & whats causing this error. Please let me know if you need additional info. So far all automations are working fine

One of your automations contains a syntax error. The challenge will be to find it because you have automations located in sub-folders and packages.

Start by reviewing whichever automation you recently modified.

OMG, Thank you! that was too easy and i spent hours troubleshooting and checking my “folder” structure and pointers.
Sigh, i disabled my last modified automation via last_automation.yaml.disable, reloaded HA and error went away. Now i need to figure out whats wrong with my syntax.

any idea whats wrong with my syntax:

id: cvo_on_on_workdays
alias: cvo_on on workdays
- at: 07:45:00
  platform: time
  condition: state
  entity_id: 'binary_sensor.workday_sensor'
  state: 'on'
- data:
    - switch.aeon_labs_dsc06106_smart_energy_switch
    - switch.zooz_zen20_v2_0_power_strip_switch_2
    - switch.zooz_zen20_v2_0_power_strip_switch_3
    - switch.zooz_zen20_v2_0_power_strip_switch_5
  service: switch.turn_on
  mode: single

The very last line needs moving left two spaces.



What mf_social said!

mode is an option belonging to the automation’s general information (like id and alias). The way you have it indented breaks that association.

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Thank you so much, that did it. Can believe how many hours i spent trying fix it & yet it was so simple. That error message was bit misleading