Help pls with IFTTT switch on Home Assistent


I have an active and working Stringify flow within IFTTT up and running. The Stringify flow opens and closes my garage.

I have a camera in garage to see if my garage door is open or closed and it is linked to HA dashboard.

Now I would like to have a simple SWITCH on HA dashboard which would trigger IFTTT stringify flow simply ON/OFF

I`m not a programmer and I was fighting with the piece of stript for 2 days and could not make is work.

I have created a ‘test’ with Webhhok so If “test” is called then run Stringify applet.

But I can not figure out how to call the IFTTT and also what URL I should enter in Webhooks in my case

Please help good people of internets

here is the picture as it is probably my syntax error