Help request: How to add a Hub Connected Bluetooth Tuya Device to Localtuya

I have Bluetooth smart water timers that connect to a WiFi hub; they are all controlled by the SmartLife app. I can see all the devices on the regular Tuya integration (not localtuya) as well as the tuya IoT platform. I’m trying to add them to localtuya. I’ve been able to find their local_key values in the IoT platform. The bluetooth devices don’t have IP addresses and are not automatically detected by localtuya when trying to add them; that’s probably because they don’t have their own IP addresses, being BT devices. So, I found the IP address of the WiFi hub they are connected to and tried manually adding the BT timers using the IP address of the connected WiFi hub. But, I am unable to find any usable DP ID. I did navigate to the Get Device Specification Attributes to try to find the DPID, but it is not listed (see screenshot).

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to add these devices?

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