Help Request Regarding HT400 Room Thermostat

Dear All,

I have been using a wireless room thermostat for my heating system control. It is produced by a Turkish company named Isıpark and sold under the brand names General Life, mControl or Thermex and its type is HT400. It’s working pretty well.

It’s basically an ESP8266 with a temperature sensor. Nmapping the unit revelas that Espressif esp8266 firmware (lwIP stack) and ESPEasy OS (lwIP stack) is running on the unit. Open ports are TCP 1 and UDP 32006, 31161 etc. The unit communicates with the remote relay unit via RF. The unit only communicates to mobile app and there is no web interface. Most probably the ESP8266 reads the temperature from the sensor and sends it to the manufacturer’s server and the server sends the reading to the mobile app (there’s a delay) and the mobile app decides if the relay shall be triggered and sends the command to the room thermostat which communicates to the remote relay unit via RF.

It has 6 working modes like Home, Sleep, Away and Manual modes in which you can adjust different set temperatures, Location mode which triggers the relay based on your location and set temperature, and a Program mode in which you can adjust different temperatures based on day of the week and time of the day. Switching between modes are all manual. It is therefore I’d like to integrate this into HA or at least monitor the room temperature against the set temperature and see if the heating system is on and the selected mode.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything but the installation and user instructions.

Could anyone help me to read from this room thermostat using for example TCP integration? (I have no idea what might be the PAYLOAD in this case).

Thanks in advance.

@cihanulusoy, I don’t know if you still use the HT400, but if you do and are still interested in getting it in hass, here’s my custom component: GitHub - ignisf/ht400: Isıpark HT400 Room Thermostat component for ESPHome.

Docs on how to add it to your ESPHome config: External Components — ESPHome

Yes, I’m still using it. I’ll give it a try and provide my feedback. Thanks a lot.