Help request: Tuya Device Switch is Visible but not Controllable

I have a Linex WiFi Smart Water Timer controlled by the SmartLife app. I also have the Tuya integration working in home assistant and it works fine for all my other SmartLife (Tuya) devices.

I can see 4 entities associated with the device (see screenshot), one of which is a switch entity. When I turn the device on and off using the SmartLife app on my phone, I can see the switch boolean appropriately turning on or off inside home assistant (see screenshots). But, when I try to toggle the switch inside home assistant, nothing happens.

Any thoughts or suggestions on why I can’t control the switch using Home Assistant?




Try local tuya or tuya local (both in HACS)

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@francisp Nice! I was not aware of this. At your recommendation, I’ve now installed local tuya. I’m trying to configure / add my first device and it’s requiring a “Local key”. Do you know where that comes from?

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When I submit the API request, it returns a message saying, “No permissions. Your subscription to cloud development plan has expired.” – See screenshot.

My Tuya IoT account was created in March 2022 and it is a personal developer account.

Can you tell me if I’m on the right track or if there’s something I’m doing wrong?

Update: I was able to find the local_key. The problem was that when I was in the API explorer, I had to change the API from “IoT Core” to “Smart Home Basic Service” (top left dropdown). I figured it out using this url: