Help request: Zigbee keeps crashing

Hi all,

My Zigbee network keeps crashing. When this happens HA tries to restart the integration but this fails.

I wonder if there’s a device or quirk which is breaking, or whether it’s hardware error, but can’t figure out the error logs. Could anyone kindly point out the problem or help me with a term I’m looking for in the error log? Unfortunately I’ve not got an alternative base machine to test. The issue is sporadic e.g. every day or couple of days.

My setup is HAOS on Proxmox, on a Lenovo laptop with 8th gen i5 processor. Zigbee is handled by ZHA. The Skyconnect is attached by USB 3.0 type A via the OEM extension, and is passed through using the device ID rather than the port. Changing the passthrough to the port didn’t help. I’ve tried enabling and disabling the Multichannel protocol (I don’t currently use Thread/Matter) with no effect.

The system went offline around 17:49:56 yesterday which I’ve caught in the debug log. I identified this using an automation to check if certain zigbee devices go offline. When I search for errors I’m just seeing delivery failed etc.

I think I’m on my last chance before my partner vetoes smart lights, so am desperate to get a fix! Thanks in advance.

debug log from the culprit time here:!As1YnL3wh4pFkoAHCmc_GQkB33AsZw?e=UD4jwf

full debug log for ~24hr here: