Help requested for API integration: waste collection

My waste handling service has a website with a REST backend. I want to integrate waste collection moments into HA. I can write python scripts, but am unsure about the HA ecosystem. I hope somebody can nudge me into the right principles of handling this data for Home Assistant :relaxed:


  1. An API call to get all waste “streams” (normal, plastics, glass, paper etc). This gives per stream a waste ID, icon, description etc
  2. An API call to get the collection moments of a certain year. Currently, only 2018 works so far and 2019 gives zero results. A waste moment is a waste stream ID + date stamp

Idea in HA:

  1. Have a card which shows the upcoming collection moments together with the proper icon, per waste stream (e.g. in 2 days stream A, in 9 days stream B)
  2. Fire events before collection, customizable (so 12h/24h before e.g.) so you can automate notifications etc

I would like to query the waste streams once and cache the results (in memory cache will do) so when HA starts. Then I want to query the collection moments. However, for now I can only query 2018 and somewhere around half December I need to query 2019 already.

I use imports from datetime and requests, so I cannot use python_scripts anymore. A few of my questons:

  • I think for the first use case (the upcoming collection moments) I need to use states. How can I regularly update state? So daily adjust the state with the upcoming events?
  • How can I program an event at exactly Monday 19th November 00:00 minus 12 hours = a trigger at Sunday 18th november 12:00 (local time)?

Have you looked at the developer’s documentation site yet? If not, you should start there. At a minimum, read the Architecture and Backend sections.