Help requested for jalousie (Cover) card implementation

My smart home has shutters (jalousies), not blinds. I could not find a suitable custom card in HACS to display their status. Because in these the shutter position is a separate entity and needs to be displayed as well.
Therefore I created a solution by combining picture elements card and html-tempate-card.
I would be happy to publish the HTML code with the aim that if someone has the ambition to make a decent custom card out of it, because I have limited skills and time to do so, unfortunately.
Can I get help on where and how to start?

I would imagine like the following:

One card per window

  • Two entities per card:
    • one for the open/close analog sensor of the main opening state
    • another one for the open/close analog sensor for the state of the slats


  • switch for inverting the understanding of the open/close status value
  • switch for making a simple shutters mode in case there are both types in the same home
  • other parameters like frame size/style