Help required, my 16 Z-Wave devices stop working

I am locking for help to restart/reset all my Z_Wave devices. All of them stoped about a week ago while I was away form home on vacation.
Running Home Assistant 2023.7.3.
Z‐Stick Gen5 USB Controller is my dongle.
I have devices from Aeotec. Inovelli, ZOOZ, GE and my dongle by AEON.

I try PING, but I don’t know what to expect.
I also try Re-Interview and Heal without succes.

Any suggestions what to do to revive them.

Try to remove (exclude) one of the devices
If that does not work, then try to include that device (again), as it may have been excluded for one reason or another.
If that resolves the issue, then repeat with the other devices.
Alternatively, and try that first, restore a backup if you have a recent one.

It sound to me like a stick / computer issue.

Power cycle the computer, unplug the usb stick, replug it and start it back up.

If it still doesn’t work, verify that zwavejs is seeing the stick. And/or post a zwavejs-ui log file.

That’s what I do when this happens.

I could not find how to exclude a device. However, As suggested by PeteRage, I power cycle the computer and unplug/replug the usb stick.
Great news, the device came back.
Thakg you

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I did it, it works, many many thanks,

excellent suggestion. I forgot to suggest the power cycling as that helps me sometimes as well.