Help restoring a snapshot (snapshot not recognized)

OK, I see to have broken my HA Supervised install. Since it was running on an unsupported OS (Ubuntu) I’ve decided to create a new HA VM and migrate to that but I can’t seem to restore the snapshot to the new system.

I have access to the old system and I managed to tar up the hassio folder. Inside of that folder is a “backup” folder which seems to contain tars of the snapshots that I have been regularly taking but when I try to restore the snapshots I am getting an “Unsupported file format” error.

What does the system look for to know that the tar I am uploading is a valid HA snapshot (which it is by the way). Is there a file naming convention or something? Mine is named 6148249e.tar.


OK, so I’m wondering whether something is broken. I’m running a vanilla install of 0.118.5 and I created a brand new snapshot (to try and figure out the naming convention); the system will not load this vanilla snapshot and gives me the same error. Certainly not ideal. Anyone aware of a bug?

did you put the snapshot in the /backup folder and then refresh using the reload (behind 3 dit menu top right)?

I didn’t, I was using the upload feature. I can give that a try next.

same problem for me.
Freshly created full snapshot of 0.118.5, downloaded via UI
Got a .tar file, no problem.

When trying to reload into a fresh new install, using supervisor UI, always says :
Unsupported file format
Please choose a Home Assistant snapshot file (.tar)

Supervisor is 2020.12.7 in source and destination installs.

Any help ?? Is this a bug ??

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Are you sure you actually created the snapshot? It can take some time to complete even though it looks like it’s done. Cay you unzip the snapshot and check it contains all data?

In my case, yes, I could gunzip and untar the snapshot without issue.

Added the .tar to /usr/share/hassio/backup , found the snapshot in HA UI (refresh was not necessary).
And restored. This works, but direct restore from UI doesnt.
Got problems with MariaDB, but this is another topic.

That did seem to work for me in the end.

Just ensure you install all of your addons before restoring

You should not need to do that and I never have.

So there data will just be there when you install an add on after a restore? It didn’t seem to work for me but maybe I missed something.

The data has always been there for me even if I need to restart the addon (if it was a different platform say… 32bit to 64bit or RPi to Debian on a NUC). I have done this a lot with no issues.

Interesting. I’ll keep that in mind.

Seems to be a browser-related bug. Upload works with Chrome (87.0.4280.88) but not with Firefox (84.0.1).

Samba + manual copy always works!


Ah, it might have been a browser bug. I’m using Firefox.

Same issue here.
This is a Firefox problem

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yup. firefox foxed me today.

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Firefox issue still exists today.

My guess would be that before the actual upload starts, the mimetype is checked via Javascript, and that there is a difference between Chrome and FF there.

Just chiming in to say that the problem still exists. Found this thread after googling the error message. Doesn’t work in FX x64 Windows. Works in Edge x64.

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Thank god for this thread, as I was also trying it with Firefox and was really puzzled about this error.