Help selecting a doorbell

I want a doorbell ideally that integrates with my existing 12v wiring. Basically I want a dumb doorbell that Home Assistant can “hear” and trigger an audio push on my Google Homes. I’ve worked with ESP boards but am sort of shying away from that because I don’t know where I’d plug it in. A 12v zwave product would be awesome if it still had a conventional ringer too. Any ideas?

I bypassed doorbell power and wired doorbell pasbutton directly to RPi gpio. My

Chromecast audio wired to home audio provided bell along with text(now html5) notification from HA automation

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I did the same thing. My doorbell is wired directly to a NodeMCU. It sends an mqtt message to Home Assistant when someone presses the doorbell button.

Home Assistant then plays a chime over my multi-room audio system and texts me a snapshot from the camera pointed at the doorstep.

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