Help Sending Map Attachment as Mobile Notification

I would like to send iOS notifications map attachment, with all recent lightning strikes using the blitzortung community add-on.

I have found an avenue to this approach using a blueprint that includes the ability to send map attachment, but this blueprint requires lon,lat coordinates, since I can’t find a way to get this info I’m stuck. I do have an idea for how to do it, just no idea how to attach to a notification. anybody had success with this?

type: map
  - device_tracker.jos_iphone
  - device_tracker.garys_iphone
  - all

I did find out where the coordinates are stored but with no knowledge of getting the info out I need. states.geo_location


a map attachment on IOS can only have 2 or less pins. So you will be limited by this.

I am also not completely sure what you want to do.
Do you want to send a map with two pins for the two device tracker you mentioned?
If you want to do that, you can use this template

{{(state_attr("device_tracker.jos_iphone","latitude") ~","~state_attr("device_tracker.jos_iphone","longitude")) ~ ",,"}}

for the first pin input on the blueprint


{{(state_attr("device_tracker.garys_iphone","latitude") ~","~state_attr("device_tracker.garys_iphone","longitude")) ~ ",,"}}

for the second one.(Just paste those in the correseponding textboxes of the blueprint). You also have to check Enable Second Pin. This will place a pin on each devices location. Remember that you can not just send a map from homeassistant, you can only specify at which location you want to have a pin, the rest is done on the Iphone itself.

If you want to put a pin for each lightning you are out of luck. But you could place a pin for the last one (at least I think that it is the last one?) with this template

{{(state_attr("sensor.blitzortung_lightning_distance","lon") ~","~state_attr("sensor.blitzortung_lightning_distance","lat")) ~ ",,"}}

If you have any questions just ask!

PS.: If you are wondering why the templates have the ", , " at the end… this is to trick my own blueprint to accept this as a input. (If we would not have those the output of the template would be treated as a list but the blueprint assumes it is a string)

I would like to send iOS notification map attachment, with all recent lightning strikes using the blitzortung community add-on.

service: notify.notify
  message: >-
    Lightning observed {{
    }}mi from Home. Press Hold for map
      latitude: "{{state_attr('sensor.blitzortung_lightning_azimuth','lat')}}"
      longitude: "{{state_attr('sensor.blitzortung_lightning_azimuth','lon')}}"