Help setting DoorBird as a Camera

I already added the doorbird config, but I would like to add it as a camera so I can stream it on my Smart Display by “Hey Google, show me the camera” I already do this with a different camera with rtsp. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. I already know I can do, but that is NOT rtsp.

The rtsp address for Doorbird camera’s is this:
You can test it out in VLC it should work there.
The doorbird component is even easy to use, I just figured it out, it’s actually very easy.
Setup your doorbird:

    - host: your_doorbird_ip
      username: your_username
      password: your_password
      token: your_token
      name: camera_name
      events:  # Whatever events you have created to use in home assistant
        - doorbell_1
        - motion_detected_gate
  - platform: doorbird

And then you will have some new entities in home assistant:

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Thanks for the RTSP. The only reason I want it is so I can ask Google Assistant for it on a Nest Hub. Thanks!
Edit: I added the camera part but it doesn’t show in entities. I will probably use generic camera.