Help Setting Home Assistant Logs Timestamp Please

Can someone tell me how to get my home assistant log timestamps to show the correct time?
I am running home assistant supervised core inside a virtual box vm.
My time zone is set to America/Chicago in config.yaml and all my times are correct everywhere Except in the Main Home Assistant Logs. The timestamps are approx. 6.5 hours ahead. I have searched the web for answers with no joy.
When I enter “date” in the cli it returns “Sat 12 Dec 2020 09:52:52 PM CST” which is correct time but if I view the logs in “supervisor” I get “20-12-13 04:15:47” which is way off. Any help would be much appreciated.

Supervisor Version 2020.12.6
Operating System HassOS 4.17
Home Assistant 0.118.5