Help Setting up a Camera

Hi all, I have got a Lenovo Smart 360 Camera P1 and really want to get it connected to my Hassio. I am not an expert with camera’s and how they connect/language, but current it looks like it’s going through to the Lenovo Link Pro app. I know even know hwo to find the exact IP of my camera, i know the 192.168. 1.1 part, but unsure how to find the port number for it. I really want it to stay in my local network (IE not thru this app) for obvious reasons. Any ideas on how to do this and have it in my Hassio environment? I’ve looked online and haven’t seen anyone else do this with this specific camera. Thanks in advance

I’m not sure but I believe this cam dont provide API to be connect to HA and if your cam dont have rstp access then you are not in luck. But if your can have/provide rstp then you can connect it to HA via rstp access.

Try http://usr:[email protected]/video?profile=1

I got that from here Setup Lenovo IP camera and have assumed that the A360 is the relevant camera (but it may not be).


the A360 is a phone, where i’m looking at an actual camera, here is a link.

It doesnt come with a username & password on the camera itseld, only Levono Link Pro does.

Its almost possible that the camera your purchase cant or do not have API available to be connected to HA. Unless it have rtsp open for streaming the video out.