Help Setting Up Aeotec Z-Wave USB Stick

Okay, so I finally got my Z-Wave stick in. Since I had an extra laptop laying running Windows 10 around I decided to install HA on that. That is up and running.

I did that just so I can get used to how things work, how to configure things, etc. before I install HA on a dedicated RPi3.

My question is how does HA detect devices through the Aeotec Z-Wave stick? I mean, do I have to run the inclusion process for the USB stick and then HA reads from that? I bought some Aeotec Door/Window sensors as well that I have not installed yet that I can use to play around with.

I guess I just need some pointers, tutorials, guides, etc. to help get me going in the right direction. Any help is much appreciated.


I got my stick a few days ago, together with a few sensors.
What you describe was pretty much correct.
get the stick up and running, , after that, to setup a new component (sensor, switch, etc) go to OZWCP connect the stick to the device, save everything, copy and paste the config back to HA folder.

should be straight forward.

In the very beginning, i did not use OZWCP, things work more or less OK, meaning the device will be recognized, and if the sensors come with the correct config out of the box, you are fine. however, (in my case) i had to switch a few parameters to get them working fine (namely the door sensor should be set to binary), so before i fixed that in OZWCP, HA was able to recognize the device but it was no state change. after the correction was done on OZWCP, everything work very smoothly.


Thank you @luismoed, I guess I am going to have to change the operating system on the laptop to Linux because I cannot find any of the configuration files for HA on Windows. I found the yaml configuration file, but cannot find Open Z-Wave or anything like that.

what version of windows 10 do you have?
if pro you can use it via Docker

It’s Enterprise version. I have looked at Docker before, but I have zero experience with it.

I never installed it on windows. I run my HA on a synology NAS, once it is setup… it is great.
Also, it is not that complex, i would suggest to try it.

Yeah, I have tested it on the RPi3 and was happy with it. However, I turned that Pi into a File Server using Samba and use it to synchronize my files across devices. So I don’t really want to mess that up.

I haven’t tried installing it on Linux outside of RPi, so it could be a learning experience.