Help setting up automation using wemo and temperature sensor

Hello I’m trying to set up my HA so that my wemo automatically tuns on it the temp is <= to 75 and off once the temp is >=82. I’ve managed to get the wemo to show up in HA as well as my DS18b20 and I added the following to my configuration.yaml file but It’s still not working I think i may need to set up an automation script as well, but I’m not really sure since I’m extremely new to HA. Thanks for nay help.

         -platform: generic_thermostat
          name: Heater
          heater: switch.wemo_switch
          target_sensor: sensor.280516axxxxxxxxx
          min_temp: 75
          max_temp: 82
          target_temp: 77
             seconds: 5

I have not used this component, but I think it should be all you need. I don’t think you need an automation.

One thing that you need to add to meet your requirements is the tolerance parameter, set to 4 and the target_temperature set to 79, which will make it turn on/off at 83/75. I’'m not sure it handles decimals, but you might try it when everything else works.

What is the nature of the error you are getting? Can you post the log file?