Help setting up duckDns add-on with Unifi USG

I am unable to access HA using the duckDns add-on without forwarding 443 to 8123.

when I have 8123 forwarded to HA ip 8123
When I go to my “” (yes i changed it to my site with typo) i get a login page for my Unfi router.

I am also unable to log in to localIP:8123
I get ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (in incognito too)
(no matter what the forwarding is)

I can login via my cloud link from nabucasa.

in USG

If I change the port to 443 and the forward port to 8123 it works and I can sign in using ssl from my duckdns link.


  • Do I have to forward 443 to 8123? The documentation for the hassio addon does not make that clear.
  • Why can’t I reach HA on my local with localIP:8123?

You can forward any port you want to 8123.

Some use 8123 to 8123 because I believe that was/is what the instructions have.

Some use 443 to 8123 because it simplifies the url. You can use without specifying any port because https implies port 443.

Some use ports higher than 65000 for perceived security through obscurity.

If 443 works for you, use it.

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