Help setting up GE dimmer switch model ZW3101/ZDP100?

I have a dimmer switch like this one: that I used with the (now defunct) Staples (AKA ZDP100) Home Connect system. I would like to set it up with HA. I have tried every setup procedure i’ve found to get it into pairing mode, but to no avail. HA just won’t recognize it. I’m hoping someone has experience with pairing this device, even if it means taking it apart and hacking it, as I don’t feel like buying a different switch just because it works with HA.

Factory reset switch then pair

I can’t access the UI for the old hub anymore. I found documentation online for it and I can’t find anything that mentions factory reset without accessing the hub.

  1. Unplug the Lamp Module from the outlet.
  2. Press and hold the button in the center of Lamp Module’s front.
  3. Plug the Lamp Module back into the outlet while holding down the button.
  4. Release the button after the Lamp Module is plugged in.

Tried that too (before you suggested it). Today I hit “remove node,” generated traffic on the device, hit “heal network,” and it stopped talking to the box. I hit “add node,” generated traffic, hit “heal network” and it started talking to my pi.

For step 4, you may need to try pressing the button 3 times successively. That seemed to do it for me. The next trick is getting the thing configured so it works correctly. I’m not to that step yet.