Help setting up Mi Vacuum


Hey guys, I’m new to all this stuff. I just installed HA on my RP1 specifically to use voice commands with the Mi Vacuum Gen 1.

I have everything installed, the vacuum with token, cloud setup, on the GH android app, but I cannot control with voice.
I have the toggle on off switch for the vacuum on the dashboard page so I know its installed properly.

I see there is information here ( on the commands but I do not know how to implement them. I assume they go into the config file somehow. Is there not just a copy paste template?

I see it lists some things to put in the configuration but it seems to be missing most of the stuff a vacuum could do and doesnt mention how to add the additional services.

If anyone could point me to a premade template I can paste or give me a basic examples using the MI Vacuum commands it would be helpful.

I feel like I’m on the last step here but I just cannot figure it out.



I found this but I assume you can use voice without ifttt.


I don’t think vacuum is supported at the moment. The only thing you can do is create a switch to perform certain actions.


Thank you, I just decided to use IFTTT and have it all working now.


Do you know if this has been implemented (a vacuum device class)


I am still using ifttt and it works flawlessly. I would like to cut it out if possible but haven’t looked any further into it. Ifttt allows custom verbal commands too.


Check the docs for the available domains.


I was meaning if exist for Google home /assistant


I understand what you mean. Maybe you clicked the link but forgot to read the page :wink: because it clearly says;

The google_assistant component allows you to control things via Google Assistant (on your mobile or tablet) or a Google Home device.


So you can’t dock it or pause it. Just switch on off


I give up… maybe ask google home to read the page for you.


Yes works! Google Home/Assistant has a vacuum device class, cool!