Help setting up Nginx proxy addon to access a local machine

Hello, I need to access remotely to one of my machines
which has the local IP address When connected to the same wifi network I can correctly access

I have home assistant OS installed on a mini pc with local ip address and I connect to it remotely using Nabu casa.

In home assistant I have set up Nginx proxy manager addon, followed the instructions (I installed maria db etc…)

On my router I set up port forwarding:
port 443 from all clients to
port 80 from all clients to

Then in the Nginx manager web UI I set up a new proxy host with the parameters:
port 80

This setup is not working, when I try to open the proxy host I get an error.

Furthermore, I’m not able to open the Nginx manager web UI when I’m not connected to my home wifi.

What am I doing wrong?