[HELP] Tasmota reset itself after a tripped breaker?

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Hi all,

I lost communication with my sonoff mini controlling my lights. It seems that after a power outage I can’t reach any of them using the browser and there isn’t mqtt control too. The only thing I noticed is that the sonoff is switching the lights on or off with the button on it, but besides that nothing that I can do. I flashed it with a bin file which contains my ssid credentials but I guess it fails to connect to it.
I’m really frustrated with this situation and I’m hoping that I won’t need to go one by one and flash them again.

Any suggestions?



Most likely, the power outage triggered a ‘fast powercycle detection’

Look down at SetOption65



Implemented for situations where a device cannot be reset to firmware defaults by other means (no serial access, no button). It resets ALL Tasmota settings (equal to Reset 1 ) after 7 power cycles.

SetOption65 must be set to 0 (default) in order for this feature to be enabled.


If you have a weak power grid or frequent power brownouts its best to disable this feature with SetOption65 1 immediately or you’ll end up with firmware default devices after a brownout event.

Given this happened to ALL of them, I would assume this to be the case. So, all of your devices are probably reverted back to stock settings.

The good news is they are probably hosting their own wifi SSID so you should be able to connect to them and reload the configuration that I know you saved…right? Or you’re like me and forgot and had to set them all up again after the brownout…but you saved them this time, just in case.

And also disabled SetOption65.

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Thanks for the quick response! I’ll give it a shot.