Help the newbie with Z-Wave configuration?

Hi all,

and happy new year!

I am new to HA, and i am experimenting a bit before actually moving my smart home automations there.

What i have is a RPi 3B+ with the RazBerry board and a few Fibaro devices (buttons, motion and door sensors)

I am have a Home Assistant Supervised installation over RPi OS

Everything seems to be working, i have installed the OpenZWave add-on and i have added a couple of sensors (a button and a motion sensor).
I can see that HA is getting some events from the sensors, but not everywhere!
I see the events in OZW’s Qt for Embedded Linux VNC Server, or in the OZW log, but not in the logbook. (see screenshots below)

Also, in my configuration.yaml there is no z-wave section!

I believe that the sensors, more or less work ok with HA and communicate.
How do i move forward?
How do i create automations and rules based on the events received?
I am trying to follow this guide:

for the Fibaro Button FGPB-101-6, but the zwcfg file is nowhere to be found!

Any help on how to move forward?

Some screenshots in case they help…


That documentation is for the original ZWave integration, I believe, and not valid for the QT OpenZwave (Beta), which is what you have added I think.

I’m new to HA as well, so can’t help further at the moment - does a search in the Forum help?