Help to buy good camera

I am trying to buy a good camera for my house. I do not want any cloud storage, cloud stream or anything to do with any kind of cloud service.
I want IP camera that I can stream from in my local network.
is there any out there? Most that I found have bad quality, ugly looking cameras.
any advice?

If you’re not price sensitive you can look at Axis cameras.

For indoor cameras I usually recommend the Axis M1065-LW

I use a selection of Foscam’s. C1 and C1 lite on the inside and FI9800’s on the outside.

Here’s a snapshot from the FI9800:

I’d also try the forum’s search function. This question comes up pretty regularly so there’s a good history of previous answers.

Hikvision are great for smart events like line crossing

thank you all for advice. I will look into these cameras.