Help to choose thermostat for thermofloor

Hello! I had one z-wave thermostat which is pricy, actually. I started searching cheaper solution for second room.
Does anyone know BHT-002 GB LW wi-fi? It works with Tuya, but I read that integration with Home Assistant is bad (get doubled temperature, can turn off, but not turn on the thermostat)

Can anyone give me an advise what to buy? Thermofloor is electric, but I might need on water based later.

I just got 3 of these tuya based thermostats for aircon etc. Yes the temp reports double but a quick search here in the forum gave me the solution and it works.
I can turn it on and off no problem set temp etc. Works fine.

And for the price (($40) each is just a very good proposition.

Moreover the quality seems pretty good. They’re way better than the dum Siemens units I replaced

That’s nice to hear

Are you talking about this solution?

I think yes. Just copied the component in custom-components
Made a few changes
And that’s it

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