Help to configure Presence Based Lights

Need some help to do this:

Fade in the lights when the sun is setting and there are people home
Turn on the lights when people get home after the sun has set
Turn off the lights when all people leave the house

i put this on my config:

light_group: light.luz_cho
light_profile: relax
device_group: device_tracker.ricardoiphone
disable_turn_off: 1

the log gives this error:

16-09-07 01:32:57 homeassistant.components.device_sun_light_trigger: No devices found to track
16-09-07 01:32:57 homeassistant.bootstrap: component device_sun_light_trigger failed to initialize

Need help.

Best regards

Anyone can help?


The error says that it can not find device_tracker.ricardoiphone

Go to YOUR_IP:8123/dev-state
Can you find device_tracker.ricardoiphone under Entity?

Also, highlight your config and select the preformatted text option in the tool bar:

This will preserve the YAML formatting and then we can all see the syntax/formatting correctly.
(I see this a lot so I actually made this JPG on my desktop for the forums!)

    light_group: group.luzes_soto
    light_profile: relax
    device_group: group.all_devices
    disable_turn_off: 1

with this code i don’t have any error in log but device_sun_light_trigger don’t appear in states menu. it’s normal?
btw i want only my device and not group and only one light and not group.

Yes i have device_tracker.ricardoiphone in my dev-state.

Deleted why?

I want help :S

Ok it works good now, but want only one light(not group) and can i choose colour in light_profile?