Help to ditch Broadlink (RF)

Hi everyone,

I just completed installation of HassOS on a Pi 4 B 2GB and due to ongoing problems of all sorts with Broadlink, I’m looking for a way to create an integrated RF transmitter in Home Assistant (and from there, create a custom Google Assistant command). I’ve seen the diagram of RPi_RF and I was wondering if I could install the transmitter directly on my Pi that runs HA to run only the Integration or if I need an exclusive hardware and installation for it.

Actually any tutorial, info or guidance regarding controlling 433MHZ and 868MHZ with RPi from HA is most welcome!

Sonoff RF Bridge flashed with Tasmota sounds just right to ditch the Broadlink. Connects to HA via MQTT.

Thanks, Seth, I’ll keep that in mind, but I was hoping to not spend extra money on this…

I’ve read RPi_RF uses only a cheap ($2) RF transmitter and RPiTX uses only a piece of wire. Both connected to a RPi GPIO, that I don’t know if can be in the one I’m running HA, which is fantastic due to simplicity, range (ideally I I’d like to reach the 868MHz band, too) and cost.

The problems I have with these 2 options is mostly documentation and guidance, since I’m not a developer. The first regarding installation of the system and the second regarding integration with HA.

Take a look at this

Yes, that’s where I learned about it (thanks nevertheless).

The thing is that the installation process is divided into 3 or 4 different web pages and it’s not clear (for example, one of them says to install the rpi_rf module via pip. That’s it. No info on compatible Pi boards or system requirements, no info about with what to Flash the Pi or how to get a command line into it. Or even if one can use the same Pi where HA is. And that’s just 1 of the 3 or 4 pages. One of them mention Arduino as requirement, though I don’t understand why, etc). That’s what I meant by unclear documentation and lack of a proper (one may say unified, from beginning to end) guidance.

I’ll keep looking, but if you see any complete tutorial, please let me know.

Not really, the integration page explains that HA uses the the PyPi module which means it’s integrated in HA and no need to flash or install something manually. The links are there to show you a example wiring digram and howto sniff for codes.

Oh, awesome!! I didn’t know PyPi had anything to do with HA.
That was my doubt. Thanks a lot!