Help to make an emergency button via GSM

Hello everyone .
Long story short.
My grandmother is 92 years old and today she fell and broke her ribs.
She can’t see well and can’t use the phone to make calls, but she can take calls.
My idea is to make a device, so that she just presses it in case of emergency and sends a message (we don’t live in the same house), so that device would have to have a sim card… For example. Something like a mushroom switch to send to everyone or special switches to send to certain people
I use Home Assistant at home and several espHome devices, but until now it was more or less copy paste.
I saw about “Sim800L Componen” and if there is something similar or available in Europe and works with espHome.
I would appreciate your guidance.

This is a critical emergency medical device. Based on your professed technical abilities:

I suggest you do not DIY this and instead purchase a professional solution.