Help to select operating system

I use Home Assistant Supervisor on my Raspberry Pi 400 4GB booting from M.2 and running Rasbian OS 64. I just ordered a Mission LX-Connect. I plan to install Roon Core on this OS.
Do I have to go with another OS for my Pi?
If so, which operating system should I choose.
I still want to use the Home Assistant Supervisor version
Is there someone who have a instructions on how to connect these parts, I would be grateful.
Fredrik Andersson

The only officially supported distribution of Linux for use with Home Assistant Supervised is Debian. Currently that means Debian 11 (Bullseye).

If you install Home Assistant Supervised on any other distribution of Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, etc) it will not be supported by the development team (meaning if you encounter a problem and report it as an Issue, it may be rejected because you aren’t using Debian). The only available support will be unofficial which means from the user-community.

For more information about installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 11 on an RPI4, refer to this excellent Community Guide:

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